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Caramalt Malt per 100g – Joe White Maltings

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price per 100g

Ideal for: Any type of beer, from golden lagers to darker ales



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If Cracked, they come vacuum sealed so they will last weeks before you have to use them.

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About Caramalt Malt per 100g – Joe White Maltings

price per 100 grams

Ideal for: Any type of beer, from golden lagers to darker ales

The lightest of the crystal malts with its brilliant golden colour, Caramalt is valued for its full caramel flavour. Caramalt is made from green malt, but is roasted at lower temperatures and for a shorter time than typical Crystal Malt.



Joe White Maltings – Australia

For over 160 years Joe White Maltings have embodied the true grit and spirit of the Australian Malting. Built on a tradition of high quality and customer specific malts for the brewing, distilling and food product industries, their experience across the country is second to none. These maltsters are immensely proud of their craft and products which has been the result of expertise passed down through the generations. Combined with a commitment to partner with Bintani, they deliver the best possible malt in a reliable, responsible and sustainable way.

Joe White Maltings also reflects its historical roots by manufacturing an extensive range of coloured and specialty malts. This tradition began when the company installed its first roaster at their Collingwood malthouse in 1926. Today, the Specialty Product Centre, with its state of the art Barth roasters, is located in Ballarat which is the spiritual home of Joe White Maltings – a reminder for all in our company of the historical association of Joe White and great beer!

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